3 Ways Shuttle Services Can Save Your Business Money

3 Ways Shuttle Services Can Save Your Business Money

By: Pogiso Tours

October 10, 2019

Shuttle Services

It’s no secret that all businesses are struggling in South Africa. In an economy where up to 80% of start-ups close their doors each year, paired with increased interest rates, high running costs, and stressed-out workers, it’s become hard to sustain a highly productive environment while trying to meet sales targets. Besides slashing marketing and petrol budgets in half, many businesses are hiring shuttle services.

Shuttle services are so much more than just for airport pick-ups, conferencing, and wedding events. In fact, many businesses throughout Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban are reaping the many benefits of easing the commute for their employees. Besides being a reliable and safe drive, here’s how a shuttle service can save your business money.

Reliable and Safe Transportation Reduces Absenteeism

South Africans are financially stressed, which is the leading cause of absenteeism. What’s more is that not only is public transport dangerous, but it’s also unreliable, adding to absenteeism. But shuttle services can reduce the frequency of absent staff. These services are not only reliable for arriving to work on time, but they also give employees a chance to relax and enjoy the silence before a busy day.

Happy Employees Mean Increased Productivity

If you’re looking to be known as a company that cares about their employees, then you need to invest in your employees, and an employee transportation perk can be a major incentive for your company. Valued, happy, and satisfied employees translate into productive employees who love what they do, which can be a great way to keep employees.

Improves Environmental Footprint

With global warming being a hot topic, you can make a difference by putting fewer vehicles on the road. An employee shuttle service reduces employee transport costs, as well as the risk of assault and muggings, and it also reduces your company’s carbon footprint. People respect businesses that care about the environment, which will be great for sales, and you can claim money back from SARS.

We Lift Employees Throughout Pretoria and Johannesburg

Pogiso’s Tours is a professional transport company that has achieved a reputation as the top choice for employee transportation in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. Operating with a fleet of luxury coaches and mini-buses, we provide an affordable, comfortable, and safe journey, ensuring your workers get to their destination safely and on time. We are a company proudly committed to excellence. Chat with us to learn more about our services, rates, and employee transportation specials.

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