Reasons to Hire a Corporate Shuttle for Your Employee Transport Needs

Reasons to Hire a Corporate Shuttle for Your Employee Transport Needs

By: Pogiso Tours

September 9, 2019

Is South Africa’s inadequate and unreliable public transport affecting your organisation’s employee punctuality and productivity? It is no secret that South Africa’s public transport system is unreliable, inadequate, and dangerous. Workers are finding it challenging to travel to and from work every day. While technology has helped to make us feel a lot safer, commuters are constantly at risk of violence and intimidation, especially when travelling on their own.

A lot of South Africans depend on public transport to get to work, but escalating violent crime on trains and violent clashes among minibus-taxi operators and metered-taxi operators has made it hard for South Africans to arrive on time, or even arrive at all. This is one reason why businesses throughout Pretoria and Johannesburg are adopting corporate shuttle services for their employees. If you are still in two minds, check out these great reasons to consider a shuttle for your employees.

Reduces Anxiety and Increases Productivity

For many commuters in Pretoria and Johannesburg, the journey to work and back is fraught with danger, and one of the great benefits of a shuttle is safety and security. Vehicles are serviced regularly, and they are fitted with ABS brakes, GPS systems, anti-smash glass, and satellite tracking devices, eliminating the worry of dangerous travel. When you book a corporate shuttle service, your employees will never have to worry about being late or becoming another statistic of taxi or train violence.

Helps Attract New Hires and Reduce Turnover

Business success is not just built on high sales; business success is built on positive workplace culture and happy employees. By offering the service of an employee shuttle, you will strengthen your reputation as a great place to work with nice perks. Besides the safety and retention benefits, employees save money on transportation costs, and employers save money too. Corporate shuttle services reduce anxiety, better punctuality, and boost performance. It is a win-win for both the employee and the employer.

Builds Stronger Bonds That Fosters Teamwork

As mentioned above, a strong corporate culture is vital for the success of any organisation, but in these challenging times, it is tough to work in a team without differences. Another great benefit of a shuttle service is social interaction. Travelling together can be a foolproof way to encourage interaction amongst co-workers, which helps them feel more connected to each other and their workplace.

Be known as an organisation that values the safety and wellbeing of its employees, and get in touch with Pogiso’s Tours in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We are a one-stop-shop for all corporate transport needs.

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