Alternative Transport to Uber

Alternative Transport to Uber

Choose Pogiso’s Tours as Alternative Transport to Uber


If you are already reliant on Uber, you might think that there is no other rideshare service that could possibly offer the same convenience and cost-saving. But here is the reality: Uber is an app that conveniently connects you with a driver, on request. The service is available in over 53 countries and in over 200 cities, but the harsh reality is that Uber is facing legal issues in many of those places. In some places, Uber is actually banned, and in others, they are in the midst of legal disputes. Who knows when things might change for Uber in South Africa.  Perhaps it is time to consider alternative transport to Uber.


When looking for alternative transport to Uber, it is important that you take the time to choose a service that is reliable, affordable, and safe. And we have just the solution for you: Pogiso’s Tours. While we are not an app-based service, we ensure that our drivers are skilled, familiar with all areas, and dedicated to being absolutely sober and alert on each and every trip, regardless of how long or short it is.


When using Pogiso’s Tours, you can expect our drivers to be prompt, friendly, and professional. Pogiso’s Tours is not a massive company operating in hundreds of cities. Pogiso’s Tours is run by owner-operator Tumi Madisakwane, who is a local member of the community, and dedicated to ensuring a personal touch. Tumi is able to focus all of his time on ensuring that the service his business offers is top-notch, and that drivers provide the type of safe transport experience that each and every person deserves. In this regard, Pogiso’s Tours outshines Uber and any other large rideshare business out there.


At Pogiso’s Tours, our main focus is the safety and prompt delivery of our clients. In addition to offering alternative transport to Uber, we also offer services in transfers, shuttle services, guided tours, and tailor-made tours. Our fleet consists of Mercedes Benz C180k Luxury Sedans, Mercedes Sprinters, Toyota Corolla Std Sedans, Toyota Quantum Luxury Mini Buses, and 22-seater and 60-seater Semi Luxury and Super Luxury Coaches. All of our vehicles are roadworthy and safe, and we check this regularly.


If you would like to know more about using Pogiso’s Tours as alternative transport to Uber, we welcome you to get in touch with us. If you reach out to us on our website, we will call you back.

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