Corporate Shuttle Services

Corporate Shuttle Services

Save Time and Money with Corporate Shuttle Services when on Business in Gauteng


If you are planning a quick business trip to Gauteng, chances are that you loathe the idea of wasting time on hiring a vehicle, and then having to go through the process of collecting the car, dropping it off, and all that pesky hunting for parking along the way too. With corporate shuttle services from Pogiso’s Tours, all of these hassles can be minimised for you. In fact, we can eliminate them completely. No one likes to waste precious time and money while away on business, and when you use our corporate shuttle services, we help you save both time and money.


Pogiso’s Tours Corporate Shuttle Services

When you sign up for corporate shuttle services with Pogiso’s Tours, you will be collected from the airport or your hotel, and taken to where you need to be. Our meet and greet service ensures that our driver comes to you, so there is no time wasted on hunting for your shuttle vehicle, and potentially missing your ride.

The perk is that we will be on time, and when we deliver you to where you need to be, you can hop out and get to your meeting with no delays. You will not need to spend any time hunting for a nearby parking, and then rushing to your meeting if you do not manage to find a good spot to leave your rental car.

Our vehicles are clean and well-maintained, so if you are seen being dropped off, it will look completely professional. After all, that is exactly what our corporate shuttle offer at Pogiso’s Tours. Whether you need transport to just one meeting, or to several during your stay, we are just the team to get you there.

As a corporate traveller, you probably have plenty of emails to send, and calls to make while you are away on business. While we handle your safe and secure transport, you can get to work doing just that. You will not be distracted by traffic, and you will not be late because you were lost. Corporate shuttle services help you to make the most of your available time.


Corporate Groups are Catered to

 If you are travelling as a corporate group, we can provide you with on-board catering too. After all, you can only perform at your best if you are well-fed and refreshed. Snacks and refreshments are made available on-board our group shuttle vehicles.

In addition to our corporate shuttle services, we offer transfers for conferences and events, as well as guided tours, coach charters, and a chauffeur service.

Book Corporate Shuttle Services with Pogiso’s Tours

To find out more about our corporate shuttle services, or to receive a quotation, simply get in touch with us at Pogiso’s Tours. You can give us a call, send us an email, or complete our online provisional booking form. Pogiso’s Tours will effectively take care of all of your transport needs while you are on business in Gauteng.

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