Corporate Shuttles

Corporate Shuttles

Why Using Corporate Shuttles Make More Business Sense

If your company is having a large meeting or conference, or you have a group of employees or executives that have to travel to a specific location for an event, using corporate shuttles instead of rental vehicles goes a long way towards easing the stress of travelling. Usually, these corporate shuttles can be booked for one or many journeys over a particular period, and they are often a lot cheaper than vehicle rentals, especially for groups.

Here are some other reasons why using of corporate shuttles makes business sense for your organisation:

  • Safety: It is crucial that your employees arrive safely at their destinations and travelling with an experienced driver who knows local routes and roads is a lot safer than struggling with a rental vehicle and not really knowing how or where to go. In addition to this, there are also areas that should be avoided for safety reasons, and the drivers of corporate shuttles usually know which these areas are. Self-driving after a long flight could be dangerous if you are tired, and accidents can be avoided by using corporate shuttles.
  • Modern, well-maintained vehicles: Any corporate shuttle company worth their salt will have to comply with the relevant legislation, rules, and regulations, and these include the regular servicing and maintenance of their vehicles. Fleets are usually modern and new, and this gives you more peace of mind.
  • Qualified, experienced drivers: In this country, there are certain special licences for any public carrier of passengers. The drivers of the corporate shuttles at Pogiso’s Tours are all provided with regular training and they are all in possession of the necessary permits and licences to transport people.
  • The greener option: Because transporting a group of people in one vehicle instead of individuals travelling in different vehicles, it is much friendlier to the environment, because emissions and fuel use are reduced. It also means that fuel costs will be lower.
  • Cost-effective: It costs a lot less to transport a group of people in one vehicle than that it does for them to travel in individual rental or privately owned vehicles. Much less fuel is used, reducing costs significantly.
  • Reliability: If you need a group of people to arrive at a destination or depart towards another destination at the same time, corporate shuttles are more reliable, because they transport everyone at once. Nobody will get lost along the way, run out of fuel, or spend too much time looking for parking, because they will all be travelling together.

If you are looking for reliable and affordable corporate shuttles to transport your employees around Gauteng and surrounding areas, give our team at Pogiso’s Tours a call to book your shuttle, and we will do the rest!

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