Elephant Sanctuary Tour

Elephant Sanctuary Tour

An Elephant Sanctuary Tour Where You Walk With, Touch, and Feed Elephants


So, you want to take the kids on a safari where they can walk with the elephants, touch them, and even feed them? Offering visitors some of the best game viewing experiences in the world, South Africa is the only country blessed with the most remarkable and diverse range of thriving wildlife, including the African elephant. While you could visit game lodges in KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, the Northern Cape, the Western Cape, or the Free State, you could also visit the Elephant Sanctuary Park in Hartbeespoort Dam.

A popular hotspot in Hartbeespoort, the sanctuary attracts countless people from all over Gauteng wanting to come face to face with African elephants in their natural habitat. Providing a haven and “halfway house” for young and retired entertainment elephants or injured ones that require rehabilitation, the sanctuary in Hartbeespoort provides a temporary home that includes individualised care, the companionship of a herd, and the opportunity to grow and heal in a safe space dedicated to their wellbeing.

These are intelligent creatures with complex physical and social needs. They express humour, love, and compassion, and they cry tears of joy and grief for their loved ones in a more-than-instinctive way. The sanctuary’s mission is to give these magnificent creatures the freedom and love they deserve, and allow for an interactive experience with humans.

At Pogiso’s Tours, we offer daily outings where visitors enter the world of the African Elephant. Offering kids and adults of all ages a one-of-a-kind close encounter with these gentle giants, we collect you at your destination and drive you to Hartbeespoort, where you will experience a three-hour education-oriented safari. Once you arrive, one of our safari operators will give you a basic introduction on how to feed the elephants and what to expect during your safari experience.

When meeting the elephants, you will touch, feed, walk hand-in-trunk, and discover that each elephant has a different character, personality, and temperament. We will take you on a tour of their stables to see where they sleep at night, and we will take you to their mud bath area where you can watch them swim and maybe even get to rub mud on them. Kids and adults can also ride on an elephant bareback or in a Boma.

If you are looking to truly uncover the heart, soul, and spirit of the animal’s turf, do so with the Elephant Sanctuary Tour at Pogiso’s Tours. Make your booking with us online.

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