How to Save on Transport Costs

How to Save on Transport Costs

How to Save on Transport Costs


If your job requires you to do a lot of travelling or driving from one meeting to the next, chances are that your transport costs are rather high. While most companies pay a portion of these costs, you probably end up paying in some yourself, whether it is for fuel, maintenance, and even time. No doubt you have spent some time Googling how to save on transport costs and chatting to friends and family, but most suggestions are ineffective. Below we detail four ways that shuttle services can help you cut back on your monthly expenses.


  1. No Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Cars cost money. You need to keep topping up the petrol/diesel to get places, and you need to spend time and money on general maintenance and servicing too. When hiring a shuttle service, you will not have to worry about these expenses anymore. It is particularly beneficial in terms of fuel costs. If you are driving your own vehicle and get caught in a traffic jam or are diverted, the cost of your trip that day will increase due to more fuel used. When using a shuttle service, the cost of your trip is not affected by external influences that are out of your control.


  1. No Hefty Monthly Insurance Premiums or Excess Costs When There Is an Accident

Insurance is another monthly expense that can wreak havoc on someone’s budget. When driving your own vehicle, insurance premiums are a given, and when you are in an accident, you have to fork out a few thousand Rands to get the vehicle repaired. You will also need to consider additional transport costs to get you to and from work and meetings while your car is being repaired. When using a shuttle service, the insurance premiums are not for your account, and in the unlikely event of an accident, the shuttle service company will cover all costs, and a different vehicle will be readily available to transport you as per normal.


  1. No Parking Costs

When looking into how to save on transport costs, parking expenses might seem like a small amount. The reality though is that it really does add up when you are attending meetings and visiting clients on a regular basis. Parking can also be extremely expensive if you have to go on a business trip and leave your own vehicle at the airport. When using a shuttle service, there is no real need for the vehicle to be parked. You will be picked up and dropped off as required – no need for parking and the costs associated.


  1. No Missed Deals – Time Is Money!

In the business world, time is indeed money. If you want to get emails answered, make some calls, and go over important documentation between meetings, you are going to need a driver. Not only are doing these things while driving illegal, but also extremely dangerous. When using a shuttle service, you can better manage your time, and you will not miss out on deals that could be secured while you are driving from one meeting or commitment to the next.


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