Lesedi Cultural Village

Lesedi Cultural Village

Explore and Celebrate SA’s Rich, Cultural Traditions with a Tour at Lesedi Cultural Village


Looking for an authentic, traditional African experience for your school kids, family, friends, or corporate clients? Any visit to South Africa would be incomplete without an authentic experience of Mzansi’s rich heritage at the Lesedi Cultural Village.

Established in 1993 to display the full diversity of the South African rainbow nation in an educational and entertaining way, Lesedi Cultural Village, on the way to Sun City, is one of the best tourist attractions in South Africa. Lesedi, which means “light” in Sesotho, gives visitors a chance to explore, understand, and celebrate the rich cultural traditions and diversity of several South African tribes: Pedi, Zulu, Xhosa, Basotho, and Ndebele.


Home to Indigenous People and Not Actors in Fancy Dress

A culture-rich community set among pristine bushveld and rocky hills, it is home to real people. You will meet the Xhosa with their beautiful thatched rondavels, the Zulu with their cowhide fighting shields and beehive huts, the Pedi with their rhythmic drums and electric dance moves, the Basotho with their straw hats, and the Ndebele with their colourful homes and clothing.

You will also explore the animal kraals and see a traditional replica of King Shaka Zulu’s fortress and King Moshoeshoe’s peaceful village. Inviting guests to be at one with the community, they offer day tours and overnight tours, where guests get to experience sleeping in a beehive hut (with all the mod cons you can think of!) and waking up to traditional African music, followed by a full English breakfast.


A Show About Tribal Traditions, Mystical Rituals, and African Cuisine

On arrival, guests are welcomed to the Ndebele village where they will experience some traditional tribal singing and dancing, and then view a short film on South Africa’s colourful history and a lecture about all the tribes of South Africa. Guides take guests on a guided tour of each village, where they are treated to an educational show in tribal traditions and mystical rituals. After, guests get to experience and take part in an amazing dance show featuring traditional drum beats and energetic dance moves.

Finally, guests get to indulge in an African feast that includes potjiekos with samp and beans and traditional meats like lamb, ostrich, impala, kudu, warthog, and crocodile. You will also be given the opportunity to sample Mopani worms with traditional beer. As the African sun sets, guests either leave or stay on for a South African buffet dinner, followed by a campfire story based on African mythology and a night in a traditional beehive hut (with all the whistles and bells).

The cultures of South Africa are some of the most diverse in the world, and what better way to learn about South Africa than by visiting Lesedi Cultural Village.

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