O. R. Tambo Shuttle Services

O. R. Tambo Shuttle Services

4 Reasons to Skip a Cab and Enjoy an O. R. Tambo Shuttle Service


Got a trip coming up in Johannesburg, or are you hosting a corporate affair that requires delegates to be collected at O. R. Tambo? Whether your guests are locals or first-time flyers to Johannesburg, you know public transportation can be dangerous in Johannesburg. But it is not just about safety, taxis are super expensive and getting stuck in traffic can run up a fare into the hundreds. Alternatively, if you had to book an O. R. Tambo shuttle service, not only do you get a flat, affordable rate, but you may also be better protected against carjacking and smash and grabs. Need more convincing? Here are four great reasons to skip a taxi and enjoy an airport shuttle service.


  1. It Removes the Extra Stress of Traffic

Every individual who has to travel often for business will agree that there is nothing more frustrating than arriving at O. R. Tambo late because of a delay, getting stuck in the baggage department, or getting stuck in gridlock traffic, and arriving late for the event. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about hailing a cab, finding a parking spot, or waiting for a train when you have scheduled to be picked up on the curb. There is no meter ticking away, so if you are thinking of cutting your travel and parking costs, a shuttle service from the airport is the best option.


  1. You Get to Enjoy a VIP Experience

Why sit around waiting for a lift in a crusty old cab when you can jump into a luxury Mercedes Benz C180k or a luxury Sedan SUV and enjoy a VIP experience. You get to enjoy a relaxing experience from start to finish. The interior will be clean, the ride will be comfortable, and the driver will help you with your luggage.


  1. Professional and Reliable Drivers

It is no secret that Johannesburg is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. While it is not our intention to give our beautiful city bad press, travelling in Johannesburg is not as safe as it was years ago. But shuttle companies have a reputation to maintain, which is why they only hire drivers who have been rigorously trained and who are customer-friendly focused.


  1. Vehicles are Safe and Secure

Shuttle companies are required to keep up with all the latest safety and security. Their vehicles are serviced regularly, and are also sent for regular safety checks to ensure optimum operating capability. Carrying all the right permits, licences, and insurances, vehicles are also fitted with ABS brakes, GPS systems, anti-smash glass, and satellite tracking devices, bringing peace of mind to travellers.


Skip the Drive and Enjoy the Ride with Pogiso’s Tours

Getting to and from the airport need not be a mission if you make use of Pogiso’s Tours. Recognising the importance of a reliable, safe, comfortable, and affordable shuttle service in Johannesburg, we offer exclusive airport transfers, door to door transfers, conference transfers, chauffeurs, guided tour coach charters, and employee travel.

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