Shuttle Service to Sun City

Shuttle Service to Sun City

Book an Affordable and Reliable Shuttle Service to Sun City

The Sun City resort, which is located approximately 200 km from O.R Tambo International Airport, can take around two to three hours to reach, depending on the traffic conditions at your chosen time of travel. If you are not from Gauteng, the trip can be quite daunting, which is the very reason why so many people opt to hire a private shuttle service to get them to Sun City.

Sun City is considered to be one of South Africa’s hidden treasures. There are many reasons why so many business and leisure travellers pack their bags and head to Sun City. The world-class golf course and incredible casino, as well as the sun, the sea, and the beach are all great reasons to visit this particular top tourist attraction.

Hiring a private shuttle service to transport you to Sun City is an obvious way of getting there safely and in good time, but there are other reasons why a shuttle service is a better option than hiring a car. For starters, you will not get lost when you are transported in a shuttle. You will also have those two to three hours to yourself.

You will not have to focus on the road, so you can spend the time catching up with friends, sending important emails, or even updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts. How you spend this time is up to you. If you are heading to Sun City for a much-deserved break, you can get a head start on relaxing, and ensure that you arrive on the Sun City doorstep in full holiday mode.

While you might be tempted to simply pack a bikini or swimming trunks for your Sun City holiday, we all know that will not be possible. With nights out and about, and days spent on the beaches and around the pool, you will want to pack an outfit for every occasion. There is no need to travel light when you hire a shuttle service to Sun City. We can load your luggage, and get you and your belongings there, safe and sound.

At Pogiso’s Tours, we offer a regular private shuttle service to Sun City and various other destinations in the province. Whether you are a corporate traveller, or someone merely trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our team will provide you with a fitting service. Our main focus is not just getting you from point A to point B, but also ensuring that you get there safely and comfortably as well. Our drivers, who are all licensed and experienced, will ensure that the trip is a pleasant one.

Travel in a group or alone with Pogiso’s Tours. We offer a shuttle service to Sun City that will get you there and back cost-effectively and on time. Book your shuttle service now, or chat with us a bit more today. You can reach us via email or telephone during business hours.

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