Shuttle Services in Gauteng

Shuttle Services in Gauteng

Five Good Reasons to Use Shuttle Services in Gauteng Instead of Renting a Car 

Many people travel to Gauteng every year. Most of these are for business trips, while others come to the area on holiday or to visit family or friends. Because O.R. Tambo International Airport is the gateway to South Africa and most of the international flights land here first, thousands of international travellers also arrive in Gauteng for conferences or to start a tour of South Africa from here. A lot of people tend to rent a vehicle for these trips, but choosing shuttle services in Gauteng is actually a lot better. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Gauteng is complicated to negotiate: Even people who have lived in Gauteng for a while can find it hard to find their way around all the highways and byways of Gauteng. It is a massive place that basically blends together a variety of small towns. Moreover, certain areas are very difficult, not to mention dangerous, to travel through, and you certainly do not want to get lost in a high-risk area! If you choose shuttle services in Gauteng instead of renting a vehicle, you will be safely transported from A to B by a driver who knows Gauteng very well, and you won’t have to negotiate all the different roads and areas while you drive. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.
  1. Traffic is hectic: Driving can be stressful, and those who have just landed at the airport after a long flight may find it especially difficult to negotiate heavy traffic while they are tired and new in town. If you use shuttle services in Gauteng, you can rest assured that the driver will know where to go and can usually predict which roads will have less traffic. This means that you can sit back and have a rest after a long flight, and that your travel time to your destination is shorter.
  1. Ease of use: All you have to do to book shuttle services in Gauteng is to pick up the phone and call Pogiso’s Tours. We will book your shuttle and ensure that you are picked up at any point in Gauteng, and transported safely to your destination.
  1. Modern fleet: Our fleet is virtually brand new, and we ensure that our vehicles are always serviced and maintained. Each vehicle is also thoroughly cleaned after each use. This ensures that all our passengers travel in style and comfort at all times, and that the vehicle will not break down due to wear and tear during transportation.
  1. Highly cost-effective: This is especially true if you are responsible for the transport of a group of people or various delegates attending a conference or other event in Gauteng. If everyone has to rent a vehicle, it will cost a fortune – they will have to pay for parking, petrol, and toll fees. It is much more cost-effective to have delegates transported by our shuttle services in Gauteng!

If you are heading to Gauteng, don’t even think about renting a vehicle. For hassle-free travel, call our team at Pogiso’s Tours and book your shuttle today!

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