Affordable Shuttle Service

Affordable Shuttle Service

An Affordable Shuttle Service can save Time, Money and Frustration

While car hire has benefits, an affordable shuttle service can often prove to be the better choice, especially in the case of those who are travelling purely for business purposes. In such cases, the company is invariably paying the costs of a vehicle that, apart from the time spent transferring its driver between the airport and a hotel, is probably destined to spend most of its time parked in the establishment’s underground parking lot – convenient perhaps, but a rental may not always be the most cost-effective choice in these circumstances.

In practice, getting a lift to the departure point or leaving your company car in its parking lot, relaxing on a domestic flight and on arrival leaving the whole business of transfer in the hands of an affordable shuttle service seems to make a lot more sense and is likely to cost the company considerably less.

Just as important, is the fact that leaving the driving to someone who is familiar with your destination, as well as the best routes by which to reach it, is certain to leave you better prepared to face the demands of the day ahead. This has to be an improvement on arriving at head office or a conference venue tired, tense and frustrated after battling your way through unfamiliar streets and contending with the more knowledgeable, but markedly less patient drivers in the rush hour traffic of a busy city, such as Pretoria.

The Jacaranda city, in fact, does offer business and other visitors a highly affordable shuttle service which is just one of several transport services available from Pogiso’s Tours. Although a relative newcomer among the business veterans of the nation’s administrative capital, in the space of just eight years, the company has succeeded in building a reputation that is rapidly becoming the envy of many of the city’s older and more established transport providers. This reputation can be totally attributed to one simple strategy – that of ensuring that our drivers are always willing to do everything within their power, in order to keep a promise to our clients.

While the potential cost to a company or an individual is bound to be a matter for concern, an affordable shuttle service also needs to be reliable and certainly not one whose operators choose to cut corners as a way to keep the brakes on its price tags. For those in the city to meet with clients, attend a course or participate in a conference, time is usually of the essence. Late arrivals will not impress clients or employers, and those on the podium will not appreciate interruptions. One good reason why so many visitors to Pretoria continue to come back to Pogiso’s Tours when they are in need of a chauffeur driven car, an airport transfer, an air conditioned tour bus with on-board catering or simply an affordable shuttle service, is that we are even more concerned about good timekeeping than they are.

Of equal concern to us is that our clients travel in comfort. This means maintaining the safety and efficiency of our vehicles religiously, and ensuring that they are in spotless condition before each use. When you book with Pogiso’s Tours, you are guaranteed safety, comfort and prompt arrivals with our affordable shuttle service.

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