Corporate Shuttles

Corporate Shuttles

Corporate Shuttles Can Relieve Pressures on Busy Executives

A day in the life of a typical busy executive in modern South Africa is one characterised by pressures arising from the need to meet deadlines, to maintain profits and to operate within budgets. To this, one can also add the equally vital need to maintain sound relations with both staff and clients, while also attempting not to encroach on his or her home and personal life more than is absolutely necessary.

Among the major hassles that are encountered in an average day is the need to make travel arrangements. These could involve attending a meeting at another company office, collecting a senior staff member or client from the airport, or arranging to join an important overseas visitor on a trip to Sun City, a game park or some similar venue. Increasingly, companies are now depending on corporate shuttles, rather than company vehicles, to provide the transport for occasions such as these.

While despatching a manager to the airport in order to meet and greet an important client is likely to be seen as a nice gesture, it also occupies the time of a senior staff member that could have been spent more productively when dedicated to the company’s core business. How much more impressive and cost effective might it prove to be if, instead, you were to arrange for the client to be met by a polite uniformed driver and transported in the comfort of a luxury saloon to your company’s offices?

Perhaps the biggest single problem faced by motorists when in the city is finding some spot near to their destination in which to park legally. Corporate shuttles provide a door-to-door service that eliminates such worries completely. Using this type of service, of course, could also prove to be quite a saving for anyone boarding a domestic or international flight, and who may need to park their vehicle at the airport for a week or so. Likewise, when you are on unfamiliar ground, being driven by someone who knows every shortcut well enough to get you to your destination on time, whatever the traffic conditions, can be a real lifesaver.

When it’s time for the company’s annual dinner and dance, or a spot of team building at a country resort, it will often be necessary to transport larger groups of employees to and from the venue. Pogiso’s Tours, is a Pretoria-based operator providing corporate and private shuttle services with the aid of our extensive fleet of immaculately-maintained, luxury vehicles. These range from sedans to mini-buses, and 22- or 60-seater coaches. For a longer trip, we also offer an on-board catering service providing an assortment of snack meals and beverages.

Planning and preparing for a company conference can be enough of a headache without worrying about the logistics of ferrying delegates to and from the venue. This is an area in which our team at Pogiso’s Tours excels. Having gained extensive experience of these events, you can rely on our vehicles and drivers to ensure that everyone will be delivered in comfort, with style and, most importantly, with time to spare.

As a family business with a long and enviable reputation for quality, your safety and your satisfaction have always been and remain the cornerstones of our corporate shuttle services.

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