Corporate Shuttles

Corporate Shuttles

Corporate Shuttles Offer Companies an Effective Yet Affordable Option

Owning or leasing and maintaining a fleet of company vehicles can be a costly exercise, and it is one that can also create a lot of work for those who are tasked with its administration. The expenses involved in licensing vehicles, insuring them and keeping them supplied with fuel in South Africa are now at an all-time high, and they continue to escalate annually. While some companies may choose to outsource the administrative responsibilities to a third party, this serves mainly to reduce the associated workload without providing a great deal in the way of savings.

In practice, for much of the time, the bulk of these costly assets are likely to be lying idle, yet still generating a cost to the company. The option of retaining a firm to provide corporate shuttles wherever possible could prove to be a very cost-effective alternative, potentially providing a means by which a company may be able to limit its, often substantial, investment in vehicle ownership or long-term leasing.

When cataloguing the transportation requirements experienced by a typical medium to large business in South Africa, the resulting list can be a lengthy one. Where a company has branches or clients in other cities or perhaps, even in other countries, the demand for air travel alone can often amount to dozens of flights in the course of a single week. That, in turn, creates the need for large numbers of employees or clients to be transported between their offices, hotels and various air terminals.

The pressure that this can place upon them if left to drive themselves, quite possibly in a city with which they are unfamiliar, then look for somewhere to park and yet still arrive with sufficient time to compose themselves and locate their destination, can be considerable. Together, these are compelling reasons to consider employing one of the corporate shuttles that are now available in most of South Africa’s cities and larger towns.

Of course, in addition to these national and international travel requirements that may be occasioned purely by the need to conduct their day-to-day business, most companies also maintain a policy of providing periodic entertainment for their employees and for their high profile clients. This will often require them to fund activities that involve inland travel. In this role, the potential benefits of employing a corporate shuttle service for this purpose may be even more widespread. A quality service provider will invariably offer high capacity vehicles that can transport a large group of passengers in comfort, thus obviating any need for the costlier alternative of utilising multiple company vehicles.

Not surprisingly, there are now quite a number of companies that are eagerly competing for this type of opportunity. Sadly, however, not all of these companies are equipped to provide the quality of service that justifies employing them, even though their charges may appear to be competitive. Operating from our depot in Pretoria, Pogiso’s Tours is a family business established for many years and during this time, we have set the benchmark for the corporate shuttle industry in South Africa.

Only employing the most experienced, qualified drivers, our fleet of meticulously maintained luxury sedans, mini buses and coaches underlines the fact that our company’s priorities are service excellence and client satisfaction.

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