Corporate Shuttles

Corporate Shuttles

The Top 3 Advantages of Corporate Shuttles in Johannesburg 

With Johannesburg’s extremes of poverty and wealth, it is hardly surprising that the city can be a dangerous place to travel. Yes, getting employees where they need to go in Johannesburg and Pretoria is not always easy. Not only is there the risk of “smash and grab” theft or hijacking, but minibus taxis, the commuter rail services, and municipal busses are, for various reasons, not always the safest ways to travel. At Pogiso’s Tours, we have the answer to all your corporate travel questions: corporate shuttles.

Shuttles are not just for airport, door-to-door, conferencing, and events transfers; businesses across all industries throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria regard shuttle services as offering real advantages for employers and employees alike. Every year, more and more employers are investing in corporate shuttles, and for very good reasons.

#1 Increased Productivity Levels

It is no secret that sitting in traffic is stressful and time-consuming. It has been proven to increase blood pressure and stress and is to the detriment of your general health. Corporate shuttles can reduce stress-related health problems associated with driving to and from work. But that is not all. Corporate shuttles also afford employees added time to plan for their workday, check their emails, read their Facebook messages, tweet, catch up on the news, and even catch their breath before a long day at the office. Increasing productivity levels as well as punctuality, employees arrive at the office in full work mode, ready to take on the day.

#2 Environmental Footprint 

Going green helps everybody, and with more businesses being conscious of their carbon footprint, fewer vehicles on the road is a good move for the environment. Providing green benefits, corporate shuttles greatly reduce your company’s carbon footprint. And then there is the perk of saving petrol. Not only do your employees save on vehicle and fuel expenses, but it also alleviates parking problems.

#2 Employee Satisfaction 

It is no secret that a large percentage of South African businesses fail, and while finances certainly play a huge role, employees are the real victims. If you want to be known as a company that that cares about their employees, you need to invest in them, and a perk such as corporate shuttles can be a major incentive to boost your personnel retention figure. Yes, happy and satisfied employees mean a productive workforce and a lower staff turnover.

Our Shuttles are Ready and Raring to Pick Your Employees Up

Operating with a fleet of luxury sedans, coaches, and minibuses, Pogiso’s Tours is a professional tour operating company that has achieved a trustworthy reputation as the top choice of corporate shuttle services in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. No matter the event – airport transfers, door-to-door transfers, conferencing transfers, guided tours, or employee group travel – we provide an affordable, comfortable, and safe shuttle service so that passengers can move comfortably and quickly to their destination. We are proudly committed to excellence. Contact us today to make a booking for whatever transportation your team needs.

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