Corporate Shuttles

Corporate Shuttles

Corporate Shuttles are a Better Option than Taxis or Rental Cars

As a stranger in an unfamiliar city, it is likely that, at some point, you have paid heavily for what appeared to be a rather lengthy cab ride, only to discover later that you could probably have reached your destination as quickly and a lot more cheaply on foot. That is not to imply that this is the norm but, unless you are sufficiently familiar with your destination, in order to spot that you’re being deceived, not only do you risk being overcharged, but any unnecessary delay could perhaps result in you arriving late for an important business meeting.

Under the same circumstances, had you instead chosen to rent a car, the roads would still be unfamiliar and prove to be just as much of an obstacle. In practice, even with aid of the handy satellite navigation app on your smartphone, there is still no guarantee that you will not be directed to enter a one-way street, only to be faced with oncoming traffic. Hiring a car, carries the risk that you may find yourself lost and, once again, unacceptably late for a meeting with your CEO or a favoured client.

Transfers between O. R. Tambo International Airport and Pretoria or Johannesburg are offered by many of the cities’ better hotels, by some airlines and, in more recent times, by the high-speed Gautrain. However, it is only the hotels that are positioned to offer the traveller a door-to-door shuttle service. This means that corporate travellers who may decide to opt for one of the other alternatives will still be required to find their own way from the bus terminus or the nearest rail station on to their final destination.

Despite the various challenges and the inconvenience posed when selecting these options, they continue to be used. However, it is also becoming clear that they are, most frequently, the choice of the casual, non-business visitor for whom timing is less crucial. Others who may prefer these options include those who are bound for a fixed destination and are simply trying to keep their travel expenses to a minimum.

An additional type of service is now being seen as a far more flexible and surprisingly affordable alternative to relying on taxis or a hire car. Especially popular with the nation’s business people, corporate shuttles are fast becoming the option of choice for the busy executive. Used to travelling in comfort, the luxury vehicles and professional services provided by Pogiso’s Tours are certain to meet and even to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning passenger.

Our registered and experienced drivers fully understand the value and the importance of your time. With their extensive knowledge of the local road systems and their unwavering reputation for punctuality, you can be quite certain that you will be on time, every time, for your business meetings and flights. Or fleet is only comprised of leading luxury models and is maintained to the very highest standards to ensure both safety and reliability.

Whether your need is simply for a door-to-door, return service between your hotel and the airport terminal, or you may require the use of a chauffeur-driven vehicle for an entire day or longer, you will find that our corporate shuttles are prompt, comfortable, convenient and great value for money.

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