Pretoria Shuttle Services

Pretoria Shuttle Services

Tips when Choosing from the Available Shuttle Services in Pretoria

As the nation’s administrative capital and the second largest city in the province of Gauteng with a population of around three quarters of a million, Pretoria shuttle services have gradually become more of a necessity than a luxury. Lacking an international terminal of its own, the nearest major airport is located some 56 kilometres distant from the city’s centre, on the outskirts of the neighbouring and markedly more populous city of Johannesburg.

Occupying the highest point in the city, the Union Buildings represent one of the three seats of government in South Africa. As such, those who work on these premises are among the city’s most frequent flyers, making regular use of both national and international flights. In addition, there are numerous industrial sites in the surrounding areas and commercial enterprises within the central urban area whose sales people and management are also required to make regular trips by air. Apart from those privileged few who warrant a personal chauffeur and a flashing blue-light escort, many of the others now choose to make use of one of the growing number of Pretoria shuttle services that are now in operation.

Given, the current shortage of formal employment, many of those who own a vehicle now use it as a means to procure an informal income. Along with home removals and light deliveries, some of these informal operations now operate what amounts to an unlicensed taxi service. However, while they may well offer their clients the prospect of saving a few bucks, they are often lacking in professionalism and cannot always be relied upon.

When making the journey to O.R. Tambo International Airport, for instance, the overriding requirement is to arrive at the terminal with sufficient time to spare, in order to attend to the check-in procedure and other formalities prior to your flight. If, for this purpose, you choose to use one of the Pretoria shuttle services, then there are a couple of things that you will need to be certain of. Firstly, are you dealing with a bona fide operator or a part-time cowboy? In most instances, the latter will have no company registration; operating exclusively through a mobile number and provide no physical address. More seriously, he or she is probably not licensed or insured to carry passengers.

The next requirement is, of course, a reliable well-maintained vehicle. Generally, its age, the appearance of its bodywork and general state of cleanliness will serve as an indication of how reliable it is likely to be. The driver’s abilities, of course, are equally as important as those of the vehicle so, as a passenger, you are certain to want some assurance of his or her professionalism. The last thing you need is to spend the journey on the edge of your seat or providing the driver with directions when you should be calling a client or contacting the office.

There is an adage that states – “once bitten, twice shy”. But, why allow yourself to be bitten at all? When you require the help of one of Pretoria’s shuttle services, simply call us at Pogiso’s Tours. In return, you will be rewarded with a modern, well-maintained, luxury sedan and a licensed driver with extensive experience, an intimate knowledge of your area and totally dedicated to meeting your needs.

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