Pretoria Shuttle Services

Pretoria Shuttle Services

Pretoria Shuttle Services Provide Many Corporate Benefits

Pretoria shuttle services can be used for a number of transportation purposes, including chauffeured limo services to airport pickups and drop offs. Statistics have revealed that shuttle services will experience a growth rate of around 20% from now until 2020. The reason for such growth is due to a few factors – they are reliable, cost-effective, and a much safer mode of transportation.

Many travellers rely on public transportation as well as local commuters, and shuttles can be used to travel to airports, within the cities, special events, and taking groups and individuals to business meetings. In addition, there are also safari tours and site seeing tours to Soweto and other such attraction offered to groups and individuals. Using a shuttle service eliminates driving and parking and is also a safe means of transportation when visiting our beautiful country.

Travelling in and around Pretoria

Shuttles provide corporate businesses with professional, reliable transportation services. Moreover, they provide them with convenience which has significant value. For business travellers, one no longer has to drive or spend valuable time searching for parking at airports, as the hired shuttle service will pick you up and drop you off at the airport. Large or small corporate companies that pair up with a shuttle service can benefit in terms of convenience, cost and efficiency.

Companies can save around 70% when opting for shared ride services, especially when employees travel separately. If traveling in a group, you do not have to split up and wait for individual cabs, as shuttle services can transport 8 to 11 passengers at a time. Shuttles take the hassle out of commuting and are convenient and an ideal alternative to public transport.

Why Corporate Companies Prefer Shuttle Services

Shuttles services drop employees off at airports, eliminating the need for multiple stops. Pickups are delivered to their hotels or corporate centres, and if flights are delayed and you have booked ahead of time, you won’t be left standing on the curb, as these services have you covered. There are also various discount options for conferences and events that will attract more travellers allowing for cheaper rates.

As opposed to having the hassle of calculating transports cost and collecting receipts, a shuttle company can offer you direct billing. Opening an account with a shuttle service company, allows companies to authorise their employees to create their own itinerary and will, in turn, eliminate HR and travel glitches.

Free Up Your Travel Time

During the commute time one can check emails, prepare for a presentation or make calls and even take a power nap if you need it. Businesses making use of shuttle services will ensure your VIP clients and employees the highest level of safe transportation. Your VIP guests will know just how important they are when collected and transported from the airport in luxury and comfort.

Pretoria shuttle services have a variety of different option, all clients need do is choose the best option to suit their needs, so for more information or bookings, go straight to Pogiso’s Tours.

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