Shuttle Services

Shuttle Services

Corporate Shuttle Services – a Seamless Travel Experience 

As two of the biggest cities in South Africa, Johannesburg and Pretoria are host to both small and large events and conferences. It stands to reason that professional shuttle services are in high demand here. While some entrepreneurs have shown hesitation in investing in shuttle services because of the large capital investment required, there are a few private organisations and businesses that have jumped at the chance, and for very good reasons. 

The Hidden Business Value in Employee Shuttles

Have you ever considered how far employees have to drive to get to work, and that reliable transport is a luxury for many employees in South Africa? As an excellent way to retain talent and to increase productivity levels and punctuality, commuter services are an ideal way to improve sustainability, cut down on employee fuel costs, and reduce stress-related health problems associated with driving to and from work, all while reducing parking demand, easing traffic congestion, and reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint. At Pogiso’s Tours, our shuttle services are ready to shuttle your employees too.

Reliable, Stress-Free Airport and Chauffeur Shuttles

Getting out the door on time to get to the airport can be an accomplishment in itself, and booking with stress-free shuttle services alleviates much of this stress. Providing reliable 24/7 airport shuttle services, Pogiso’s Tours specialise in door-to-door transfers, conference transfers, event group travel, guided tour coach charters, and a chauffeur service, with our professional drivers staying with the client for the agreed period. Whether it is for airport and door-to-door transfers, chauffeur services, conferencing transfers, events group travel, or guided tour coach charters, our customers are always personally met and escorted to our vehicles, and our drivers always assist with their luggage.

Our Fleet Offers Comfort, Safety, and Style

As a premier provider of airport shuttle services, events, and transfer services, and also offering day tours and coach hire throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria and surrounds, driver safety is of utmost importance to us. Providing honest and affordable shuttle services so that passengers can move comfortably, swiftly and safely to their destinations, all our vehicles, minibuses, and coaches have GPS devices, anti-smash glass, and satellite tracking.

Whether you have a large conference coming up, with many delegates to collect and drive from venue to venue, an extravagant anniversary or engagement party at a lodge out in the country, or you are a sports team, club, or a school looking to shuttle teams and students to venues, Pogiso’s Tours have you covered.

We offer a fleet of luxury Mercedes sedans, Toyota Corollas, Toyota Quantum luxury minibuses, and semi-luxury and super-luxury coaches. So, no matter what type of shuttle service you need, you can find all your transportation solutions under one roof at Pogiso’s Tours. All our clients are VIPs to us, and whether you are looking for swift efficiency or full-house VIP treatment, we are on hand 24/7 to advise you on the best shuttle service solution for your requirements and budget. Contact us today to make a booking for whatever transportation you, your clients, or employees need.

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