Shuttle Services in Johannesburg

Shuttle Services in Johannesburg

How Reliable Shuttle Services in Johannesburg Benefits You

Mere minutes may be the difference between getting there on time, or missing the figurative boat altogether. No one is more keenly aware of punctuality and dependability than Pogiso’s Tours, because we have built our business around these two qualities. We have also staked our reputation on our professionalism, and the friendliness of our professional drivers.

Over the past ten years, we have ferried thousands of South Africans and foreigners hundreds of thousands of kilometres across Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area. With countless successful journeys under our belt, we are an undisputed authority in shuttle services in Johannesburg.

All our drivers hold valid Professional Drivers Permits and undergo extensive and continuous in-house training. They meet you at your door and always go the extra mile to provide a comfortable journey, pun unintended. Let us help you take the hassle out of your commute and leave the planning and logistics to us.

Our fleet of modern vehicles is made up of the following makes and models:

• Mercedes Sprinter;
• Toyota Corolla sedan;
• Toyota Quantum luxury minibuses;
• Mercedes Benz C-Class luxury sedan; and
• 22- & 60-seater semi-luxury and super-luxury coaches.

These vehicles have served us and our clients well over the years, and continue to deliver comfortable and reliable journeys daily.

What is The Worst That Can Happen?

We surely do not have to elaborate, do we? Missed planes. Delayed meetings. Lost deals. These are the nightmare scenarios that every traveller and commuter face on every commute. Our goal is to make sure these worst case scenarios never happen. How do we do this? Through planning and expert logistical management.

You will be hard pressed to find another shuttle service in Johannesburg that knows the city as well as we do. To make sure we have the advantage, we use modern and up-to-date GPS technology to assist with route planning, and with real-time traffic updates. All of this comes together to help ensure we are able to get you to where you are going and back again safely and on time. In short, your commute is in safe hands.

Tap into our unmatched experience, insights and resources for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Speak to us to learn why Pogiso’s Tours is your number one choice for affordable and reliable shuttle services in Johannesburg. Why pay more to get where you are going? We are ready to get you to that important meeting on time.

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