Shuttle Services in Pretoria

Shuttle Services in Pretoria

Comparing the Various Shuttle Services in Pretoria

There is little doubt that the rapid rail public transport project, known as the Gautrain, has done much to simplify the commute between South Africa’s administrative capital and the neighbouring city of Johannesburg. For those who are planning a domestic or overseas flight, there is also an onward link between Sandton and the O.R. Tambo International Airport, some 38 kilometres to the south west.

However, while the project has proved invaluable, not only in reducing the journey time, but also in making it easy to pay with its cashless ticketing system, it is, unfortunately, neither a non-stop option nor a door-to-door one. Commuters are only likely to experience this level of convenience when using one of the shuttle services available in Pretoria. Furthermore, many of those flying on business now depart from Lanseria International Airport for which there is no convenient rail or road link from either city.

Whether you are heading to a conference in Cape Town, a family holiday in Durban or a business meeting in Beijing, failing to arrive in time for your flight could be a costly disaster. To avoid such a mishap, of course, means arriving at the correct terminal with sufficient time to spare to complete the various pre-flight formalities, like baggage checks, customs and passport control where applicable. While a friend or family member may offer their help with transport, it is unlikely to be their chosen occupation. By contrast, a reliable shuttle service from Pretoria to O.R. Tambo International Airport or Lanseria International Airport could provide you with the reassurance of a skilled driver who is thoroughly familiar with the routes involved, the traffic conditions and the airport layouts, as well as possessing a sound appreciation of the crucial need for punctuality.

When the success of your trip may depend on such a service, it can be important to exercise a little caution when considering the best choice. Although it may be tempting to go with the company that claims to charge only half as much as its competitors, such an economy can often prove to be disastrously false. A poorly maintained vehicle or an inexperienced driver and, ultimately, a missed flight could well be the legacy of your attempt to save a few Rands.

It is a company’s established track record and not its promises or its price list that will prove to be the mark of its reliability and in this area, Pogiso’s Tours ranks well above the average when compared with the other shuttle services operating in Pretoria. Our licensed fleet includes Mercedes-Benz sedans and other luxury vehicles, and your journey will be managed safely and timeously by an experienced and responsible driver.

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