Shuttle Services in Pretoria

Shuttle Services in Pretoria

A Shuttle Service You Can Trust in Pretoria


The country’s administrative capital is a city that attracts huge numbers of visitors. Some of these are from other towns and cities around South Africa and visiting either in pursuit of business deals or, in a great many cases, to attend to matters of local or national government. To these one may add the international visitors, fresh from O. R. Tambo International Airport or Grand Central Airport, there to experience this historic city and the attractions of the surrounding highveld.

In many cases, they will be unfamiliar with the city and reliant upon others to provide them with guidance and transport. It is in circumstances such as these that reliable shuttle services in Pretoria can make all of the difference, saving time and frustration, while leaving the visitors served, relaxed and better able to meet their various goals. Even the residents of the Jacaranda city do not always want to contend with its busy roads and are happy to hand the responsibility for their transportation to the professionals. Whether their purpose is to enjoy a family vacation or to attend a business meeting, a mad dash to a departure point that is so often unavoidable is not really the best start in either case.

Yes, there are taxis, buses and, more recently, even the much praised Gautrain, but none of these come close to the personal touch that is the essence of a truly professional shuttle service. However, while there are a number of operators serving Pretoria, not all are as professional as one might hope. A downturn in the economy and formal employment opportunities have led a number of those who own a working vehicle, yet lacking in any knowledge of the private transport industry, to seek a living in this field.

By contrast, Pogiso’s Tours is a well-established company formed and owned by someone with a lengthy family history in this sphere. The result of his hard work is a fleet of well-maintained, high-end vehicles that includes coaches, luxury saloons and mini-buses, all chosen to ensure that the maximum safety and comfort of our passengers. Further reassurance takes the form of our team of fully-licensed public service drivers, with extensive knowledge of the region, its road systems and its places of importance.

Apart from offering the convenience of a door-to-door shuttle service, our company also offers a range of guided tours, either from our standard selection or tailored to meet the specific requirements of our client. For those who are looking for even greater convenience, we also offer the option of a chauffeur-driven vehicle for as long as you wish, making it the most comprehensive option for residents and visitors to Pretoria.

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