Shuttle Services Johannesburg

Shuttle Services Johannesburg

Shuttle Services – The Sensible Alternative to Battling the Johannesburg Traffic

There can be few drivers who can claim that they enjoy the daily commute from the suburbs of Johannesburg to their places of work. Of those that do, it is likely that they are members of a car pool and only enjoy their journey on those occasions when, instead of battling the rush hour traffic, they are fortunate enough to be taking their turn as a passenger. For the majority of the city’s drivers, this is merely the price of earning a living in the nation’s densely populated business hub. Part of that price is the risk of arriving late for work, although this has become such a common occurrence that most employers have grown to accept it.

There are often occasions, however, when tardiness is likely to have more serious consequences and, for such times, many now choose to employ one of the shuttle services that are available to the residents of Johannesburg and to those who may need to pay a visit to the City of Gold. If you should fall into the latter category, the chance to be met on arrival at O. R. Tambo International Airport and be chauffeured directly to your hotel in a luxury vehicle without the need to consult a GPS or a street map, while simultaneously attempting to avoid the locals who display scant regard for the rules of the road, could be little short of a godsend.

Maybe, rather than a hotel, your intended destination is the corporate head office of a potentially valuable new client. Think about how much more successful you are likely to be if you could guarantee that you will arrive on time, well-groomed, unflustered and all set to negotiate that all-important contract? Hiring a well-established shuttle service can be the best way to obtain that kind of guarantee.

It’s not only the busy executive that stands to benefit from this type of service, however. It is likely that more than a few families in the nation’s business hub have, at some time, underestimated their journey time and battled with traffic at the start of a holiday, only to find that they have arrived at the airport too late for their flight. Many more will have cut things so close that it left them nervous wrecks.

Instead of chancing it, entrusting that relatively short, but important, hop to a transport company that has drivers who are familiar with the day-to-day traffic conditions and can time your journey to perfection would have made more sense. One such company, that has been operating an efficient shuttle service for more than a decade, is Pogiso’s Tours. Based in Pretoria, we are a family-run business and have now extended our operation to serve those living in or visiting the Johannesburg area.

The proof of our success is to be seen in the innumerable testimonials received from both corporate and individual clients, and our secret lies in our insistence upon perfection in all that we undertake. This begins with our fleet. Comprised of a mix of luxury sedans, mini-buses and coaches, each vehicle is pristine clean and maintained to the highest standards, while all of our uniformed drivers are fully accredited and experienced. It is this combination that is serving to make us the preferred shuttle service in Johannesburg.

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