Shuttle Services

Shuttle Services

Why have Shuttle Services Become So Popular?

Despite the vast improvements in communication that now allow us to relax in an armchair and enjoy a conversation with a friend or relative on the other side of the world, or permit business people in several countries to conduct a video conference online, getting from A to B remains important to most people. In this area too, there have been huge advances. The Gautrain can transport shoppers from Pretoria to Sandton, or passengers to O. R. Tambo International Airport in far less time than it takes to drive and, once at the airport, one can fly to most other South African cities in less than two hours. That said, the Gautrain offers a very limited service and until the country develops a nationwide rapid transit facility, a bus or an automobile will have to do.

These are not, however, the sole options. Shuttle services have been growing in popularity in recent years and the reasons for this trend are quite understandable. We all know that the bus services, even in the nation’s largest cities are unreliable, invariably late and quite often failing to appear at all. Owning a car has become essential for most South Africans and driving, a necessary evil. Rush hour traffic jams, potholes and the random meandering of taxis all contribute to the nightmare known as the daily commute, and late arrivals are largely taken for granted.

On occasions, however, such as when attending a business meeting with an important client or required to board a domestic or international flight, timing is crucial and so is maintaining a relaxed state and a professional appearance. It is then that shuttle services, providing these are also operated by professionals, can prove to be invaluable. For instance, when you are a stranger in a busy city such as Pretoria or Johannesburg, attempting to battle with traffic and pedestrians whilst trying to follow directions from a GPS application on your mobile can be a recipe for disaster. Entrusting your journey to a skilled driver with extensive knowledge of local roads and conditions could prevent a lost sale, a missed flight or worse – a nervous breakdown.

Driving can be a source of tension. Relaxing in a luxury vehicle allows business people a chance to collect their thoughts, check notes and generally prepare for success. Likewise, it allows holidaymakers the freedom to relax and get into the holiday spirit, instead of worrying about whether they will reach the check-in counter on time.

Shuttle services are door-to-door and for the exclusive use of the client. At Pogiso’s Tours, we provide experienced, registered drivers who put your needs first, and luxury vehicles at affordable rates. Book us for your next important journey.

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