Shuttle to Sun City

Shuttle to Sun City

Why Drive? Take a Comfortable Shuttle Ride to Sun City


As much of a magnet to South Africans as it is to international tourists, the appeal of Sol Kerzner’s iconic Sun City is undeniable. The son of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, having purchased his first hotel in 1962, Kerzner went on to establish Sun International, the nation’s most successful hotel chain, crowning his achievement with the opening of this luxury resort and casino in the Pilanesberg during December 1979.

Depending upon the route you take, the resort is located between about 140 and 170 kilometres from Pretoria, and the travelling time can be anything from an hour and three quarters, to a little over two hours. If you are leaving from Johannesburg, you can probably add between 30 and 40 minutes. On arrival, the resort is vast and sufficiently spread out to warrant operating its own monorail for travel between its main centres. With so much to see, and much of it on foot, arriving fresh and ready for anything certainly leaves one better prepared than the alternative of a taxing drive on unfamiliar roads and, perhaps, in dense traffic.

For the blackjack or slots fans, the golfers, the variety show lovers, the sightseers and those who simply want to relax beside a sparkling pool with a cold beer or a cocktail, a convenient shuttle service operated by Pogiso’s Tours now operates from both Johannesburg and Pretoria, ferrying passengers to Sun City. Choosing a private transport service means that travellers need not be bound to the times set by public transport operators or, alternatively, be required to face the stress of driving whilst trying to keep the kids entertained at the same time. Instead, at Pogiso’s Tours, we are able to arrange your journey to suit your individual needs.

If you decide to book your journey with us, you can look forward to a shuttle ride with a difference. Each detail of your trip to Sun City will be arranged by one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants, who will schedule the service to pick you up from your door and at whatever time that you may find most convenient. Once your visit is over, we will return you home on precisely the same terms. The vehicle that we provide will be whatever is best suited to the size of your party and could be a family sedan, a mini bus, or either a 22-seat touring coach or the larger 60-seat model. Whatever the case, you can be totally assured that all of our vehicles are high-end luxury models that are pristine, clean, maintained to perfection and will be for the exclusive use of you and your party.

Operating since 2006, we benefit from the lengthy experience of the private transport industry gained by our founder, prior to our inception. Among the most valuable lessons he brings is the importance of punctuality and safety, with the result that both are the cornerstones of our company’s successful and expanding service.


The next time you plan to head for the Pilanesberg and enjoy 18 holes with a few friends on the Gary Player course, a live rock concert with your family or a flutter at the tables, don’t drive. Instead, let Pogiso’s Tours arrange your luxury shuttle ride to Sun City.

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