Transport Companies in Gauteng

Transport Companies in Gauteng

Private Transport Companies Operating in Gauteng

While we are all well aware of the importance of the inexpensive minibus taxi services upon which many workers in Gauteng must depend, they are neither renowned for their safety or for their punctuality. As for the transport companies that provide the region’s bus services, although their fares are more expensive than taxis, they are only marginally more reliable. Finally, the railway simply fails to serve all but a tiny percentage of the many destinations that are important to the average commuter in Gauteng, leaving them to continue their journeys on foot, to resort to taxis or buses or, instead, to use their own vehicle, if they have one.

The latter, however, is an option that can be fraught with frustration. Unless your commute takes you via one of the national highways, ploughing your way through rush hour traffic can be an exhausting experience and one that can leave a driver ill-prepared to meet the further challenges of his or her day at the office. For anyone in this position, and particularly for the busy executive who may need to visit branch offices, call on clients or get to the airport to board a domestic or international flight, the option of hiring a shuttle service from one of the private transport companies in Gauteng is one that can offer a number of worthwhile advantages.

Naturally, the cost of such a service will be higher than driving oneself, but amounts to very little when compared with the potential cost of arriving late and visibly stressed at the offices of an important client or, worse still, at the check-in desk at O. R. Tambo International Airport. Of course, in order to ensure the wisdom of your decision to use a shuttle service, it is vital to choose one with a reputation for reliability and there are certainly some that fail to meet this basic criterion. Necessity has seen many South Africans who have lost their regular jobs seeking to make a living by offering services such as these, yet who lack the experience to deliver what is required of them.

Pogiso’s Tours is a family-owned, private transport company based in Gauteng with a 10-year history of providing a variety of quality services in and between the province’s two largest cities – Pretoria and Johannesburg. Whether travelling from O. R. Tambo International Airport to the head offices of a client, taking a party of VIPs on a trip to Sun City or enjoying a few days of chauffeur-driven travel, we can assure you of a pristine, well-maintained luxury vehicle and a qualified, experienced driver who shares your concern for safety and punctuality.

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