Gauteng Shuttle Services

Gauteng Shuttle Services

Looking for Professional Shuttle Services? Try Pogiso’s Tours!

If you regularly travel to or from Gauteng on business or pleasure you will know how daunting it can be to rent a vehicle and travel between different locations in this bustling province. The traffic can be a nightmare, you may get very tense, and it can be turn out to be very exhausting, leaving you with little time to relax or to work. If you are responsible for transporting various people or groups of people from one location to another, renting vehicles for all of them can become very expensive. It is also difficult to coordinate between the various groups to ensure they all arrive safely and on time. The ideal solution is to use Gauteng shuttle services.

If you use our professional shuttle service from Pogiso’s Tours, you will find that travel around Johannesburg and surrounds is virtually effortless. All you have to do is to show up, and our friendly drivers will take your luggage and lead you to your modern, comfortable transport. This means that you can sit and relax, take in the views, sip on a refreshment, talk on the phone, or perhaps even catch up on some work, while the driver takes care of your transport needs. Our drivers are all fully qualified with all the valid permits needed to transport people in a safe manner. Drivers are easy to recognise in their corporate livery, they all have cellphones to make them easy to contact, and they are friendly and. We regularly receive compliments on our great drivers, and we want you to experience the comfort and luxury of travelling with us!

Our vehicles are modern, tidy and comfortable, and we also have a fleet of chauffeurs with vehicles to cater to any transport demands of even the busiest executives. In addition to our Gauteng shuttle services and chauffeured transport, we also have a fleet of luxury coaches that we rent out to large groups of people. This service is commonly used for large corporate events, conferences and team-building events, and you can rely on all our vehicles to be regularly serviced and maintained to optimise their safety. When you choose Pogiso’s Tours, you will always be transported in a safety and comfort.

Our coaches are also used for guided tours, and we are able to take you and your guests anywhere you would like to go in the country, and even to neighbouring countries. We also regularly take groups of tourists to game reserves to view the Big Five. All the modern conveniences you need are on board our coaches, including refreshment stations and restrooms. The drivers work shifts according to legislation and if needed, more than one driver is provided in order for them to cover long distances with ease. Our drivers are also knowledgeable about the routes they travel and you will never get lost or stuck in inconvenient locations.

If you are looking for a safe, easy way to be transported to and from any location in Gauteng, contact Pogiso’s Tours for more information about our professional shuttle services and our luxury coach hire. You will be so glad you did!

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